Issue#5 October 2023
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This issue will inform you about our progress in work package 5, which is focusing on thermochemical and catalytic upgrading of hemicellulose, lignin and lipids to biofuels coordinated by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). In the following sections you can read about results from Karlsruher Institute of Technology, Hulteberg Chemistry and Engineering and AUTH on lignin fast pyrolysis as well as on catalytic hydrodeoxygenation. In the interview with Dr. Konstantinos Triantafyllidis, Dr. Axel Funke and Ana Correa de Araujo, you will read what surprised them the most, their motivation and challenges of the project. Last but not least, we will inform you about our latest news, the project meeting in Denmark.

Check our latest results
Lignin fast pyrolysis achieved in a (pilot scale) twin-screw reactor
Lignin valorization is one of the key challenges for the development of economically sustainable biorefineries and fast pyrolysis holds great…
Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of lignin pyrolysis bio-oil towards drop-in aviation biofuels
The main objectives of WP5 are the thermochemical/catalytic upgrading of lignin and its pyrolysis bio-oil, hemicellulose and lipids streams towards…
Production of alternative biofuel from black soldier fly lipid oil
There is a growing demand for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels for shipping and aviation purposes. Our research within the…
Scientific Publication
Parametric Analysis and Optimization of Vanillin Hydrodeoxygenation Over a Sulfided Ni-Mo/δ-Al2O3 Catalyst Under Continuous-Flow Conditions
by Kristensen, T. 1,2*, Hulteberg, C. 1,2*, Blomberg, S. 1, Per Tunå 2* and Omar Abdelaziz 1
1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University, 221 00, Lund, Sweden
2 Hulteberg Chemistry and Engineering AB, 212 25, Malmö, Sweden
*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed
Top Catal 66, 1341–1352, 2023;

This article presents a novel demonstration and evaluation of the effect of temperature, pressure, and weight hourly space velocity in the continuous HDO of vanillin to cresol over a Ni-Mo/δ-Al2O3 catalyst.

Full article
Meet the partners!
Dr. Axel Funke and Ana Correa de Araujo from KIT on Lignin Fast Pyrolysis
"After reading the literature on lignin pyrolysis and performing the first experiments it was clear that the challenges were not small. But, fortunately, the mechanical forces were sufficient to overcome these problems"
Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Trantafyllidis from AUTH on Thermochemical and catylytic upgrading of lipids to biofuels
"We have managed to convert the light fraction of lignin bio-oil, to the respective C6-C9 alkyl-cyclohexanes, achieving almost complete hydrodeoxygenation with non-sulfided, nickel (Ni) based zeolitic catalysts under mild hydrotreatment conditions."
Latest News
Project meeting in Denmark
FLEXI-GREEN FUELS spent 2 days in Denmark working closely together, exchanging ideas, visiting GreenLab's energy park and ENORM's facilities.

The H2020 EU-funded FLEXI-GREEN FUELS project aims to create a very flexible biofuels process capable of treating lignocellulosic biomass residues and organic fraction of municipal solid waste and produce a range of marketable shipping and aviation drop-in biofuel poducts and valuable by-products.

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