Eoghan Rattigan from GreenLab on the topic “Potential of waste – contacting and inspiring waste companies.”

By Hochschule Bremerhaven
Eoghan Rattigan, Industrial Sustainability Scientist from GreenLab, Denmark

You are involved in the valorisation process of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and have been in contact with waste management companies to obtain samples. Let me ask you: “How was your experience to contact and inspire the waste companies to contribute to a EU funded research action?”

Unfortunately, for us and the students involved in contacting the waste companies, there was not a large interest in participation. A webinar was organised for February 2022 with a low participation from the companies invited. Thankfully Ragn-Sells agreed to participate, providing much of the needed data for WP3.


So, let me ask you: “Are the companies aware of the potential of waste in the future and when did you first saw biowaste as a potential source of energy?”

I think the difficulty with participation for these companies is that it can be hard for us to express the impotence of the project and the potential benefits of participation over email, it can be a lot easier to achieve if you can sit down and have a conversation with them. At GreenLab we have a strong focus in seeing waste as a potential value stream so it can be easy for us to visualise it, from the heat from compost to the hydrocarbons that can be released through pyrolysis. 


The project began in January 2021. After two years, can you say what your most surprising result is?

The scale needed to make it feasible to use municipal waste. That while there is available feedstock the logistics are not in our favour. It shouldn’t be so surprising but one of the things that we often overlook.


What additional benefits do you expect from the project?

We are hoping that the great work done by the consortium here will make us be a little bit smarter on the different ways to produce sustainable fuels and can help provide e-fuel producers in our eco-industrial park source information on additional feedstocks and processes.


Thank you for the insight into your work. One last question: “If you could wish for something for the project, what would it be?”

Continued success for the consortium and continued collaboration after the project.


Eoghan Rattigan

Industrial Sustainability Scientist

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Within FLEXI-GREEN FUELS, GreenLab is involved in WP3 and WP8.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101007130.