Support the change – Waste to Hydrogen/Biofuel

Calling all Waste management Companies, your WASTE resource helps our Research!

Learn more on how your contribution helps in meeting our future needs of Renewable Energy.

Are you a Waste Management Company in the European Region?

Considering new opportunities to utilize your waste? Join us if you are looking at optimizing and improving your waste management quality!

The FLEXI-GREEN FUELS project could allow us to create a breakthrough together by converting organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) into next generation liquid biofuels for commercial potential and hydrogen production.

How can this alliance help in the above questions? Collaboration benefits include:

– Results of your sample analysis 

– Compilation of the other participating European regions waste composition

– Representative stakeholder in the project

See the change you’re helping to make.

–  Encourage future potential by turning waste into hydrogen

–  Accelerate the transition to a circular economy 

–  Reduce landfills and resources in transporting waste to remote areas

–  Reduce global warming impact

You can learn more about the FLEXI-GREEN FUELS project and the collaboration from the recording below of the FLEXI-GREEN FUELS Webinar from 25.02.2022

The agenda was

 Introduction to Flexi-Green Fuels Project

              Presenter Axel Gottschalk, University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven

  Waste characterization and analysis

             Presenter Tanmay Chaturvedi, Aalborg University  

  Role of private sector stakeholders in Flexi Green Fuels: GreenLab

             Presenter Martin Jensen, GreenLab