What do partners say about working together on the project?

By Hochschule Bremerhaven

Tove Kristensen from Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering AB says “I’m really thankful for doing a joint project and how we share and combine our knowledge to meet our set goals. This is what successful joint projects are all about!”

She is one of the researchers working on catalytic upgrading of hemicellulose, lignin and microbial lipids to biofuels in WP5 with Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) and WPleader Prof. Dr. Kostantinos Triantafyllidis from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).

A recent achievement for her was working with HUL’s catalysts on AUTH’s units earlier this year. “It was such a great experience”, she reports. “They are a very welcoming and including team with great experience within this research area. It was very rewarding to see their laboratory and to learn from their workflow”.

Together with AUTH, they were able to benefit from the visit and fasten the production of hydrodeoxygenated biofuel samples from lignin bio-oil. Lastly, Tove Kristensen adds “I hope that someday I can give them the same hospitality and continue our rewarding collaboration!”. 

Dr. Antigoni Margellou, Dr. Tove Kristensen and Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Triantafyllidis